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Hello Bookerville users! We currently prefer to collect an old fashioned security deposit, and then return it to the guest by check. (As mandated by our state's real estate commission) Does anyone have any suggestions to how you have streamlined this process using Bookerville? Can you export guest names to Quickbooks for a batch print of checks, or anything similar? We are looking for any time saving tips in this matter!

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John Amato, July 21, 2015:

Hi Pam - we will look into addressing this in the Guest Export report. We should be able to get the guest physical addresses into that report (and its CSV download option) sometime in August.

Interesting that your state requires a refundable security deposit. Is this Alabama?
Pam Martin, July 21, 2015:

The state does not require a deposit, but requires that if I collect one, that the deposit monies must be deposited and then withdrawn by check from my Keller Williams escrow account.
John Amato, July 21, 2015:

I see. You may want to consider replacing the refundable security deposit with a damage protection (insurance) product instead. It's much (MUCH) easier to manage than dealing with refundable security deposits, and is also a lucrative revenue stream for you.

It's also seamlessly integrated with Bookerville.

If interested, learn more: RentalGuardian
Pam Martin, July 25, 2015:

Hi John, the idea of damage protection insurance is ideal, however, I am skeptical to its practicality and user friendliness. What are other Bookerville members saying about RentalGuardian? I know that with a security deposit I can easily reimburse owners for broken/stolen items. How difficult is making a claim? How fast is processing time?
Pam Martin, October 23, 2015:

Hi John,

Do you plan on making the guest contact list searchable? For property, or check out date, for example? I have tried to use the current list to pull guest name, address, check out date to populate a spreadsheet for batch printing refund checks...but the list is just too bulky to download/update every week. Any suggestions other than don't do security deposit?
John Amato, October 24, 2015:

We can look into that Pam, but have you tried plugging in all or part of the guest name into the search tool at the top of your Dashboard ==> Master Calendar?

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