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Release 1.5 was rolled out on May 18th, 2009. Below are the major features included in this second release:

1) Custom Check-in And Check-out Times:

Enter whatever you like in these fields; Bookerville will include these check-in and check-out times when displaying the arrival and departure specifics to guests.

2) Decline To List Your Property Publicly:

Some owners are running a private vacation home, and do not want to promote or make their calendar publicly available. You can uncheck this checkbox and Bookerville will not display your property in any of its public listings.

3) Allow-Lists and Block-Lists:

For private vacation home owners, you can enter email addresses into the Allow-List, and Bookerville will only permit those email addresses to make booking requests on your calendar. Alternatively, you can enter email addresses into the Block-List, and Bookerville will prevent those email addresses from making booking requests on your calendar.

4) Customizable Email Notification:

You now have complete control over the wording of the email notifications that go to your guests when they make a booking request. Special bracketed tags let you tell Bookerville what calculations or other data items to place in the email text, and where. This powerful feature is a great way to put a personal touch in your communications with guests.

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