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Release 3.5 was rolled out on January 31st, 2012. Below are the features & enhancements included in this sixteenth Bookerville release:

1) Combined Bookings - You can now extend an existing booking to include multiple properties. Go to the Booking Details page for any booking (you must create a booking first), and then scroll to the bottom left and click the "Edit" button in the Additional Properties in this Booking box. Bookerville pops-up a list of available properties, sorted by occupancy and base price to help you accommodate the needs of your guest.

2) Weekly and Monthly Rates - Bookerville now supports true weekly and monthly rates, by season. Check out the new fields on the Rates tab in the Property Setup page. Please see the forum topic started on this, and weigh-in with your ideas on the special cases that arise with weekly & monthly rates: Weekly & Monthly Rates Topic

3) Coupon Codes - You can now specify any number of Coupon Codes in the Property Setup page. Each coupon can have a start and end date, a booking start and booking end date, a discount as a flat amount or percent, and a minimum # of nights and a minimum amount required. See the topic in our forums: Coupon Codes

4) User Permissions - We've added a new setting (column) to the Member Permissions table (Dashboard Account Settings tab) called "Allow For All Bookings". We defaulted this to be checked for all existing Member Permissions you may have set up prior, so that the software behavior is the same as it was before this new setting. Unchecking this setting will restrict that member's permissions to only those bookings that they have created. This prevents multiple agents from seeing each other's client data.

5) New Custom Tags - Several new tags have been added (see the Tag Legend in the Property Setup Email Templates tab):

[AVERAGE NIGHTLY RATE] - The average rate per night of the booking.
[DATEADD <Date> <Number of Days>] - helpful for showing actual dates that are calculated from either the check-in date, check-out date, or the date the booking was made. E.g. - 14 days prior to check-in could be shown using this tag: [DATEADD CHECK-IN -14]
[TODAY] - Shows the current date.
[DATE BOOKING MADE] - Shows the date the booking was made.
[MANAGER PHONE], [MANAGER ADDRESS] - Manager contact information, as indicated in your Dashboard Account Settings tab.

6) Split Out Taxes - In the generated "invoice" table of charges ([BOOKING COSTS] tag), the single tax line is now split out into the various taxes (up to 3 are permitted in the Property Setup tab).

7) Master Calendar Improvements - We've added another row of date headers (footers?) at the bottom of the Master Calendar, to help with lining up dates. We've also made it so that you can choose the number of rows to display before it starts a scroll bar, again to help with lining up dates for easy selection.

8) Forum "Subscribe" Feature - There is a little check-box at the top-right of each topic in the Bookerville forums now. Checking this box will cause Bookerville to send you an email whenever a reply is made to the topic. It's a great way to stay in touch with community discussions!

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