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I would love if under the administrative tab in addition to agent and channel, that there was a drop-down to select another bookerville user and assign them that booking - for instance a housekeeper.

With that feature it would also be useful then for the housekeeper to ONLY see the cleans/bookings assigned to them when they log into their bookerville account rather than giving them master calendar access to an entire property.


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John Amato, January 14, 2019:

It's been considered before, but the trouble is that it leaves you having to manually assign cleaners like, constantly. Once most managers realize that, they seem to balk at it.

But is that how you operate?
palmstateproperty, March 8, 2019:

Thank you for your response!

That is a good point. And I can see how most managers likely have one crew or company do all the cleans for a single property. As we've brought the housekeeping 'in house' so to speak, we'd ideally have the flexibility to assign a clean to a housekeeper because of their scheduling preferences. For instance, we have one duo of cleaners that can only do weekday cleans if they are not a 'back to back' because of other commitments. In that case we'd assign just those cleans to another team.

Presently, we print a screen grab of the Bookerville Master Calendar for our next months bookings and just mark up the cleans with symbols indicating each of the crews. Then we send an e-mail to each crew with their schedule for that month and keep the hard copy pinned up in the office for reference or last min changes.

If we could assign the booking/clean to a housekeeper, then perhaps they could use the clean/inspect app feature without seeing the master calendar showing every booking for every property they've been given permission to view via settings. Maybe the ability to assign bookings to members could be a setting that could be turned on and off via the property's page? Not sure if or how that would complicate the software's other functions. Just a thought.

Like said we're getting by just fine for now, but it might be a useful feature to consider.
John Amato, April 15, 2019:

I wanted to update anyone who might be following this thread. Here is a concerning page on Wix's own support pages, describing a problem they seem to have with providing reasonable "viewport" settings for phones:

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