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I've seen that Bookerville has the Template abilitity to build a rental agreement. But, as far as I can tell as a newbie, that isn't going to be the same experience as provided by DocuSign.

I've just started using DocuSign, and after only 1 use I see that it relieves a huge burden and headache for both myself and my clients--guests and owners.

I'd really like to be able to automatically trigger the DocuSign process when that booking or first payment comes in. Perhaps I'll experiment with how a "Custom Script" might be able to handle that with Bookerville. But, I've not looked into how and what things can trigger custom scripts, and what those scripts need to look like. I've been doing software development since 1982, so if it is doable, I surely hope I could figure it out.

Carl Nagle
A Manager of Software Development

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John Amato, May 3, 2021:

Hi Carl - we have looked into DocuSign before, and yes I believe it was possible then (and surely is now) to integrate it into the Bookerville booking process.

The problem is one of volume and return on investment. Although we have had the occasional request over the years for DocuSign integration, it's a very small percentage of property managers. And the cost we would have to charge for that service would have to be borne by the relative few who would use it, making it prohibitively expensive.

Perhaps some of that has changed in the years since we last looked into it, so feel free to email me if you'd like to explore it further, Ok?

And thanks for the creative thinking!

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