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One thing that I am worried about managing on Bookerville are setting up the nightly rates and then STRATEGICALLY being able to raise or lower the rates and have visibility into it over time.  I know Bookerville has a tool to update the rates for a range of time, but the business reason for changing the rates is lost...the rates are simply applied to each night.

Would it be possible to create a Nightly Rates Table and update that instead of having to update actual nightly rates? It would be so easy to implement this layer to Bookerville, and would allow me to manage rates in a strategic way. Bookerville currently does the reverse and creates a report that gives similar info once rates are set, but there is no label indicating why rates are higher or lower in any given range. For national holidays (Xmas, July 4th) this is easy to remember but there are plenty of local festivals and events (for me it is international surfing competitions happening near me) where I could simply insert a line, give it a description and enter the new rates for that range, and then there is a record of the rates I used for the future.  Also, if I start panicking about rates being too high or low, it is easier to change a table and less prone to making a mistake and miss or override rates I didn't mean to.

Just a suggestion, I am going to keep a table of rates I want to charge for various holidays manually for now anyway...

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