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Release 1.7 was rolled out on July 9th, 2009. Below are the major features included in this third Bookerville release:

1) Rate Entry Tool:

A powerful, flexible, and extremely easy-to-use rate-setting tool is now available for Professional accounts. This tool lets you click ranges of dates on a calendar, to highlight the days. Then you simply enter a nightly rate for that date range, and click a button to set those rates. You can also optionally specify different rates for weekends within the highlighted range of dates. Colors show you where your rates differ throughout your calendar. This breakthrough tool makes setting your rates a breeze!

2) Taxes:

Enter a total tax rate (as a percent) and Bookerville will use this to automatically calculate the total tax due for a booking. If you have multiple taxes (State, County, Local, etc.) simply add them up together and enter the total tax rate.

3) Multi-Night Discounts:

Enter the minimum number of days required to get the discount, and the discount (as a percent). Bookerville will automatically calculate and display this for guests when they make booking requests.

4) Single-User Mode:

For owners who don't want guest booking requests to appear immediately on the calendar, you can check this option. When running in Single-User Mode, guests can still click the days they want to stay, get the pricing totals, and confirm, but the days are not turned red on the calendar. The owner will get an email with the details of the request, and then the owner can go in and enter the actual booking to make the days turn red on the calendar.

5) Unbook Feature:

The owner can now remove any booking from the calendar at any time. Click the "Unbook Days" button (only appears for the signed-in owner), and the calendar goes into "Unbook Mode" (border turns orange). Click any existing booking on the calendar, and the details appear, and it asks you if you want to remove it. Owners have total control over their calendars - as it should be!

6) Collect Payments At Time Of Booking:

You can choose to require a payment at the time of booking, in order for guests to make a booking request. Amount can be either a flat dollar amount, or a percent of the total. You can choose to call this payment a "Booking Fee", "Deposit", or "Initial Payment". This is handled via PayPal - guests are instructed to make a payment, and a button to take them to PayPal to remit. Guests do not need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal - they can simply enter their credit card information on the PayPal site, and PayPal will collect. Owners can choose to use their own PayPal accounts (recommended), or use Bookerville's PayPal account and be paid by Bookerville monthly (see details in the terms & conditions on your property setup page).

This powerful feature can give you the confidence to allow guests to make bookings themselves on your calendar.

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