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Release 1.72 was rolled out on August 20th, 2009. Below are the major features included in this fourth Bookerville release:

1) Multiple Custom Email Booking Notifications:

You can now define as many custom booking email notifications as you want. These can all be custom - make the subject line and email text whatever you like. Each email notification can be directed to multiple email addresses. This can be very useful for alerting cleaning crews, key-swap offices, security personnel, and other parties.

2) Maximum Occupancy, Surcharges For Over-Occupancy:

You can now set the maximum occupancy for your unit, and Bookerville will enforce it. You can also specify nightly sur-charges (separate for extra adults and extra children), and Bookerville will automatically calculate and display this for guests making booking requests.

3) Annual Copy Rates Forward Tool:

This new feature in the Rates tab allows you to automatically copy the previous year's rates to the new year - including adjustments. Adjustments can be flat dollar amount, or percentage, and these can be positive or negative. This makes your annual rate-setting even easier!

4) Rate Table Generation:

In the Rates tab, there is now a button called "Generate My Rate Table". Clicking this will cause Bookerville to automatically scan your rates for the current year, and create a table showing the various date ranges (or "seasons"), and the prices for weekdays, weekend day, and weekly prices including any multi-day discounts you have specified. You can either copy & paste the generated HTML to place in your own website, or you can copy & paste the "iframe" code. When you place the iframe code in your website, any changes made to your rates in Bookerville are automatically displayed in your website. How great is that?

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