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Release 1.8 was rolled out on September 23rd, 2009. Below are the major features included in this fifth Bookerville release:

1) Guest Options:

This new feature allows you to specify any number of custom options or special offers that will be displayed to your guests when they make booking requests. Enter a short description, a longer description, and a price. You can also choose to make the price a flat amount, an amount per night stay, or a percent. These are perfect for offering value-added services to your guests. Wine & Roses on the counter when they arrive, for $75.00. Offer cancellation or traveler's insurance priced as a percent of the total due. Week-long passes to a local amusement park or ski lift. Offer heated pool service as a per-night charge. The possibilities are endless, and it's a great way to market more revenue-generating services that your guests love!

2) Total Amount Owner Override:

When you are making a booking on behalf of a guest, you can override the total that Bookerville generates. When you do this, Bookerville automatically re-calculates the taxes, discounts, etc. to make everything sum up to the amount you enter for the total. This is very useful when haggling with guests - you can quickly and easily offer a better deal to fill a vacancy!

3) Custom Color and Integration Tools:

There is a new tab called "My Website". There you can define custom colors that Bookerville will use to display your availability and booking calendar. This can make your Bookerville calendar match the colors of your own website, giving you a professional and polished look. You can also customize the colors of the rate table that Bookerville generates for you.

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