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I cannot seem to find instructions on how to remove the Bookerville header image from displaying when site visitors go to the availability and booked pages? Also is there a way to search the support pages for specific topics? Thank you, JW

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John Amato, November 20, 2011:

Hi, and welcome to Bookerville!

On your Master Calendar (Dashboard), click on the name of your property to go to the Property Setup page. At the top is a series of tabs. Click on the "Colors/Images" tab (far right).

The first box (Calendar Header Image) is where you can control the header image for your public calendar. Header images should be as close to 815 pixels wide as possible, if it's more than that the image will be cut off on the right-side. You need to have the image hosted somewhere, and then you can paste in the URL to that header image in the Custom Header URL text box. If you need a place for your header image to be hosted on the web, you can upload it to Bookerville, let us know if you need assistance.

Below that first box are additional boxes which let you control the colors of your calendar and rate table.

Post back or email me if you need any assistance, Ok? john@bookervillecom
jmw11, November 20, 2011:

Hi John,

Thanks so much! I don't have the image hosted anywhere so I emailed you one image. I had uploaded a few pics to my photos section to try out for the header but could not figure out how to link to that area. Thanks for your help!

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