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Could we have a button for storing a "House Manual" and "Local Information" similar to the checkin and check out instructions. It is easy to edit these on Bookerville and to schedule their delivery relative to check in.

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John Amato, December 8, 2012:

I'm glad you brought this up, as it dovetails nicely with a new feature we are just about to roll out:

Custom Booking Fields

You will be able to add your own custom fields, each with a name and a value. Moreover, you can define these at the Property level (Property Setup ==> Email Templates tab), with default values, and they will be automatically added to each new booking, where you can override them if you need to.

You will also be able to reference each custom field in your contracts, email templates, etc. with a tag that is named with an "X-" and the name you gave the field.

So for example, you could create a new custom field called House Manual, and give it the text of your house manual, complete with the existing tags already in Bookerville (guest data, booking data, property data, etc.). Then, you could make that text appear with a tag called:



dlxhivac, December 8, 2012:

Is there a way to include a pdf attachment? I would like to append a few pdf pages of diagrams of my appliance control surfaces and brief operating instructions from the manufacturer.
Rather than refering to these as custom fields, you may want to consider calling them custom templates (i.e. contract, arrival instructions, departure instructions, house manual, local info are templates). When I think of a field, I think of a blank in a document, data entry screen or spreadsheet.
susanlapakko, January 14, 2013:

I agree we would LOVE to store the property manual on the site as a PDF, not a tag, that way I can get to it no matter where I am! I have a very nice manual for our guests and like to share it with guest BEFORE they get to the property so they can ask questions, make plans and look up the local entertainment and venues well in advance.

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