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Housekeeping Software UpdatesSome updates have been made to our Housekeeping functions.

Property Manager Has Full Access

As the main owner of your Bookerville account, you now have full cleaning and inspection permissions on all your properties by default. This means you can click on the "My Clean/Inspect Property List" link in the lower-left area of your Dashboard ==> Master Calendar, and it will take you to the same page your cleaners/inspectors see. From there, you can mark properties as cleaned/inspected yourself.

Add To Comments

You can also click on the "Clean/Inspect Status" link (upper-right area of Booking Details page) to see the status as it pertains to a specific booking. And there you can also add to existing comments, or mark as clean or inspected yourself. You can also delete cleanings or inspections, if they were entered by you.

What's Coming

We are going to be enhancing the My Clean/Inspect Property List page so that when you tap a property, instead of going straight to the Clean/Inspect Report form, it will first show you the most-recent booking, the current booking (if there is one), and the next booking. You'll be able to choose which of those bookings you are about to report on, which will help prevent mistakes and confusion.


As always, we encourage you to give us your thoughts on how this can be improved. So don't hesitate to comment right here, or email or call us with your ideas - they are valuable!

6 Responses:

PACVL, September 3, 2015:

It would be extremely helpful if the marking of Cleaning/Inspections generated an email notification to the property manager and/or owner in a fashion similar to other automatic emails.
John Amato, September 3, 2015:

It's coming...
John Amato, September 5, 2015:

In fact, it's here! Now in BETA, you can create a new Email Template, and check the "trigger" box to have the email sent on Housekeeping Notifications. Let us know how it goes...
Sabeli Villas.c.b. - E30811939, May 18, 2017:

John, Have been playing around with Maintenance Option and just trying to get my head around it.
1.As I understand it, from the Housekeeping App a Maintenance request can be generated, with Description, which then generates a Works Order record/number which pops up on the At-A-Glance screen as notification to Prop Man. How can I then forward on this W/O complete to the relevant Maintenance area. I don't seem to see a Tag to insert into an E-mail Template. The Email Trigger is working, but how do I link/include the W/O.
2.How do you update the fields on the Works Order ie. Schedule, Completed, Status, Estimate, Paid. Or is this not available yet. System just keeps chucking me out.
3.Is there going to be a separate Works Order Report. As nothing appearing under the Clean/Inspect Rpt. Only if I complete the Comments Section as well as Description on the House Keeping App.
4.Pro Man's can raise a Works Order also via the Master Calendar Screen, but I cannot see that it is possible from an individual booking. The Clean/Inspect Status only allows comments to be updated on previous reports. Could this be a possible new feature.
Thanks John keep up the good work.
John Amato, May 19, 2017:

Very good observations, and thank you. You are correct, that there is not yet a way to assign work orders to individual people yet. But that is in development and will be available soon. There is also no way to email these yet either.

You should be able to edit any work order by either clicking on it from the Work Orders box on the At-A-Glance tab, or going to the Property Setup page >> Work Orders tab. Look for the little edit icon, which is next to the delete icon (red X).

Try that and write back with your thoughts, thanks!
Allie, June 26, 2021:

there should be a way to assign a cleaner to the unit. kind of useless without being able to do this

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