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You most-likely got to this page because you received some kind of "bounce" email message that said something about a 'From' address and a 'Reply-To' address.

Bookerville is software used by vacation rental managers to automate their emails. When Bookerville sends email on behalf of property managers, the 'From' address must be set to a email address, in order to be compliant with email standards (DKIM, DMARC, SPF).

So we set it to . Any emails sent to our address - whether directly or by replying to an email sent to you - are simply "bounced" - no human sees it.

But Bookerville also sets the 'Reply-To' address to be the email address of the property manager. This is supposed to cause your email system to use that address when you click the "Reply" button. Most of the time, this works fine, but there are some email systems that erroneously use the 'From' address instead of the 'Reply-To' address. When this happens, your response ends up going to instead of to the property manager.

When this happens, Bookerville sends you the message you received, and also attempts to send a similar message to the property manager so that you two can resume your conversation.

So that's all it's about. If you received such an email from Bookerville, it's probably a very good idea to look into your email system settings and see if it is doing the right thing when you click your "Reply" button. The easiest way to do that is probably to go find the very first email you received regarding your booking (or other correspondence) and see what happens when you click your "Reply" button. Does it try to send it to ? If so, there's something wrong with that email system, and you should try to find out how to correct it.

Always contact your property manager first. If that fails, and you are in need of assistance, or if you think there's something wrong with the way these emails are being handled, please let us know: contact us

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