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I set up a coupon code with no discount but the "Req'd" box checked for a specific time frame over Christmas. I did this because I want potential guests who want to book over those days to be prevented from doing so without contacting me first but every time I test the feature by selecting some or all of those dates covered by the coupon code and don't put in the code Bookerville gives me a quote and asks me if I want to proceed to booking. I thought it would not let me proceed until I entered the correct coupon code for those dates. Maybe I misunderstood what effect checking the "Req'd" box has.

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John Amato, June 20, 2014:

Hi Michael - were you signed in as the account owner at the time?
Michael Wiack, June 20, 2014:

Yes I was. Does that negate the effect of the checked box?
John Amato, June 20, 2014:

Yes - it treats you very differently (in several ways) when you are signed in as the account owner. To see what it will do for a guest, try it when signed out.

I often test things like this with a separate browser (of a different brand; a second tab or window of the same brand browser will not work.) Then you can just Alt-Tab back and forth between them to see what the guest sees, and what you see.

(Clear as mud?)

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