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Responsive Design Vacation Rental SoftwareGuess what? Your favorite vacation rental dashboard is going "responsive".

What is "Responsive"?

"Responsive Design" is the term the online community is tossing around to describe web-pages that "respond" to the size of screen they are being viewed on. When you're looking at it on a small screen like a typical phone, it will "collapse" into a more vertical view to accommodate. When you're looking at it on a large screen like a monitor or a decent-sized laptop, it takes advantage of that space to give you a more professional and productive experience.

What's Been Done?

So far we have implemented this on two of the most-used Dashboard pages: the At-A-Glance tab, and the Booking Details page. We intend to convert more pages to be responsive in the coming months.

It's No Silver Bullet

Responsive design is not perfect. Some pages just do not translate well into very small screens, and it should not be surprising that your absolute best experience is going to be on a real computer, with a real mouse, a real keyboard, and a reasonably-sized screen. But the new pages should go a long way to helping you stay productive when you need to, even when all you've got is a phone.


As always, we need your feedback, so please let us know what you think, ideas for improvement, etc.

11 Responses:

Captains, April 30, 2015:

Hi John, we are having problems with the wigets not being a responsive design, many people use mobile applications now, is there somewhere we can get the responsive widget code?
John Amato, May 2, 2015:

Which widget(s) are you focusing on?
Captains, May 2, 2015:

Hi John we would like
Customize Your Rate Table
Public Read-Only Availability Calendar
Public Availability & Booking Calendar

Could you look into this ASAP as we have disabled bookerville on our site until we can get it fixed
John Amato, May 3, 2015:

I can tell you that the public booking calendar is undergoing an overhaul that includes a "responsive" design. But it's a few weeks away. And so are the other items although they really should be relatively responsive already. Also: have you tried simply using the mobile version of the booking calendar?
Captains, May 3, 2015:

Hi John no I haven't tried that is there a link to the code somewhere as I cannot see the the mobile version of the booking calendar in widgets?
John Amato, May 4, 2015:

Yes there is. Simply add "&mobile=true" to the end of the URL for your calendar. You can obtain the full URL of it by simply answering "yes" when the normal one asks you if you'd like a mobile-optimized version of it.
Captains, May 20, 2015:

that works for the calendar but not the rate table for some reason.
John Amato, May 22, 2015:

Odd - the rate table should already be responsive (from long ago). Is it the containing iframe that is being set to a specific pixel width, instead of a percent?
Captains, May 23, 2015:

it was set to pixels but with 100% it displays the same
John Amato, May 27, 2015:

Email me about this ok?
jacob wallace, May 9, 2016:

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