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Hi John please I've been in the dashboard blocking out groups of days booked out by customers. However when I view the grouped listings there's nothing that shows me they're booked? Then I go onto each Public Calendar view and all blank again?

How do I sync things easily so as soon as I block out in dashboard it automatically reciprocates elsewhere in Bookerville? I can see you have colour codes but I see none functioning right now? It does seem strange? Thank you Ruth

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John Amato, July 17, 2014:

Hi Ruth - looking at your Dashboard right now, I only see a single booking - "Glamorous Spacious Apartment nr Hobart" from July 7 - Jul 10.

Are you creating bookings from your Dashboard ==> Master Calendar?
Ruth, July 17, 2014:

Thanks John I put them in the Block out days area?
Ruth, July 17, 2014:

Min Max Stays then Enforce Block of Days. Then I block them there.
Ruth, July 17, 2014:

I do it inside each of the property listings individually.
John Amato, July 17, 2014:

Oh, no that's not where you enter bookings. That's how you get the booking system to enforce minimum stays, and whole blocks of days that must be booked together.

Watch this quick video on how to create bookings from your Master Calendar:

Creating Bookings From Your Master Calendar
Ruth, July 17, 2014:

ok Ill check it out tomorrow and start again! Thanks heaps John goodnight, Ruth
Ruth, July 28, 2014:

Just organising all of these bookings in arrears today now John thanks. I'd never found that video there's alot of information that I will be able to use now thanks very much, Ruth
Ruth, July 28, 2014:

Hi John I dont understand why when I fill the calendar manually the customers cannot book this? Is that because I've blocked it elsewhere? Thanks for all patience, Ruth

Heads-up: your Min/Max Stay rules would have told the guest:
You cannot check-in on that day (Oct 10, 2014).
John Amato, September 1, 2014:

Hi Ruth, sorry for the delay in responding to this.

Which dates, and for which property, are the guests being blocked? I'll look into it asap...

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