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Vacation Rental Hourly Automatic Scheduled EmailsWhat's better than being able to send out automatic scheduled emails for your vacation rental any day throughout the lifecycle of each booking? Specifying the actual hour as well!

You can now set the hour of the day each of your scheduled emails is to be sent

Bookerville has historically sent all Automatic Scheduled Emails out at 4:00 AM in the morning (U.S. Eastern time). That has now changed, and you can now specify what hour of the day you want them to be sent.

How Do I Do That?

In your Property Setup page ▶ Emails & Templates tab, in the Automatic Scheduled Emails table, choose one of your Automatic Scheduled Emails to edit. Look for the new pick-list of times:

Vacation Rental Hourly Automatic Scheduled Emails

Default Stays At 4:00 AM (U.S. Eastern)

If you take no action, your Automatic Scheduled Emails will simply continue to be sent at 4:00 AM, U.S. Eastern time, which is when they've been getting sent all along. Only change it if you want to.

Why Should I Change It? What Should I Change It To?

There are many factors to consider about when is the best hour of the day to send a scheduled email. It will vary by the email content itself, who it's going to, and the purpose of the email. Experimentation, and asking your recipients their preferences, will yield the best answers for your various situations over time. Each Automatic Scheduled Email can be set to a different hour of the day, so cleaning notifications might be better at a different hour than guest arrival instructions, for example.

It Also Honors Your Preferred Timezone

The new hourly Automatic Scheduled Emails will also honor the preferred timezone you have set in your Dashboard ▶ Account Settings tab. If you haven't already set this, please have a look and set your preferred timezone.

As always, ask if you need help!

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