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Property Rental Software Efficiency

You Lack Efficiency Without Property Rental Software

Managing multiple rental properties is a full time job. Trying to keep track of tenants coming and going, rental payments, contracts, maintenance, and other tasks by hand, can and will lead to errors and things slipping through the cracks. The internet has given customers the ability to complain about bad service with the click of a button. Your business can’t afford to miss something that could damage your reputation.

Property rental software gives managers a means to automate mundane, day-to-day tasks with greater efficiency and less time. Systems have the ability to send scheduled communications via email to eliminate the chance that critical information is sent late or not at all. Booking calendars that come as part of most property rental software systems eliminate double booking errors and show in real-time the occupancy of all your property holdings.

Don’t Let the Learning Curve Intimidate You

As with any piece of technology, there’s a learning curve with a property rental software system. But many times, the learning or “relearning” is more about streamlining procedures and fully taking advantage of all the automation features that a property rental software system has available. If staff and management don’t fully utilize all the functions and features, the true return on investment may not be achieved.

Training and Communication is the Key

When implementing a property rental software system in your company, take the time to fully explain the short and long term benefits to each of your staff members and the entire management team (whether that’s one person or 20). Draw out your current procedures and highlight where the inefficiencies are. Determine how your new software will eliminate these problem areas and help to save you time and money.

There are huge benefits to implementing a property rental software system at your property management company. Do your homework before you buy into the features that will make a significant difference to your operation. Then participate in the necessary training to get the system up and running. Six months down the road, you won’t know how you ever got along without one.

About the Author

John Amato is the founder of Bookerville LLC, and has been heavily involved in the vacation rental industry for over five years.

About Bookerville

Bookerville Vacation Rental Software easily and inexpensively manages 1 to 1000’s of properties. Over $40 million dollars worth of rental bookings have been completed through Bookerville. The company offers a free 30-day trial of its vacation rental software. Have questions or want more information? Contact John Amato at Bookerville today.

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