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After viewing some of the VR Summit videos, it has been stressed that responding to inquiries within 5 minutes greatly enhances your opportunity to turn the request into a booking, and more importantly, it catches the guest while they are still on the computer searching out other VR.

I wonder if there is already or a way to link inquiries from VRBO/FK (when they come into my email), and send out an automated reply. The way it is now, I send a reply through the listing site dashboard saying...I am happy to have them and will be sending over another email with price breakdown and copy of my contract. It seems to be redundant and I prefer to implement an "automated response" that reaches them immediately. Before I research another website portal to do this, I thought I would check with you.

Thanks for your help

2 Responses:

John Amato, June 19, 2014:

Hi Robin, yes it is very important to reply, in a meaningful way, as soon as possible to inquiries. Bookerville provides a way to do this automatically with our Auto-Responder feature, have you seen that?
incredibleview, June 20, 2014:

thanks for the link, I will read it over and give it a try. Let you know if it does everything I need. Have a great weekend.

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