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Release 5.3 was rolled out on February 10th, 2014. Below are the features & enhancements included in this Bookerville release:

1) Prorated Reporting:

Bookerville's array of ready-to-run reports now has the option of "prorating" amounts for bookings which overlap the reporting period. Learn more:

2) Occupancy Report Enhanced:

The Occupancy Report now features the ability to filter out booking statuses ("Maintenance", "Owner-Occupied", etc.)

3) "Mobile-Friendly" Multi-Property Search:

The Multi-Property Availability Search widget now has a mobile-optimized version you can use, or embed into your site, etc. Like the mobile-friendly version of the public availability & booking calendar, this will offer visitors the choice of which version they prefer.

4) "Owner Dashboard":

You can now embed a somewhat-white-label version of the Master Calendar into your own web pages, so that your owners, cleaners, agents, etc. can access the Bookerville resources you've granted them permissions to use, right from your own web site.

5) Inquiry Tracking Enhanced:

When you create bookings or Booking Requests from an inquiry, it now associates them, and you can see this now on the At-A-Glance tab. This helps you keep track of those inquiries you've done something about, and those you still need to follow-up on.

6) Danish Krone Support:

Bookerville now supports the Danish Krone currency. Learn more

7) Check-In/Check-Out Report:

This report has been modified to remove all amounts, and include actual check-in/out times, and also occupancy information, so that cleaners and inspectors may be able to use this report to help them manage their schedules and work.

8) Security Deposit Refunds:

You can now mark a refundable security deposit as "refunded" (check-box) and also the date it was refunded. See the Security Deposits Made box in the Booking Details page.

9) Departure Date-Time and Flight Info.:

The Booking Details page, Admin. box has been updated to include the Departure Date, Departure Time, and the Departure Flight Info fields. See the Administrative Box in the Booking Details page.

10) Holiday Lettings Auto-Responder:

We now have an Auto-Responder for the Holiday Lettings listing site. You will need to enter the property id from your Holiday Lettings account into the Property Setup page in Bookerville, and if you have not already set up your email system for the Bookerville Auto-Responder, you'll need to do that. Learn More.

Note: because Homeaway has dropped their Homeaway Connect service, the Homeaway Connect property id and credentials have been removed from Bookerville. Bookerville is in negotiations now with a 3rd-party service to provide calendar-sync'ing services to a variety of listing sites, including Homeaway and VRBO. Stay tuned...

11) Three new "events" on Triggered Emails:

You can now trigger email templates to be sent on three more events:

1) Contract Received
2) Payment Made - either automatic or manual entry
3) Refundable Security Deposit Refunded

You can configure these in your Property Setup ==> Email Templates tab.

Note: There has always been a collection of "triggered" emails, which are sent based on certain "events" in the software. With the 5.3 release, we have formalized more of these into a configurable list, and we call these "Triggered Emails". We expect to be adding more "triggerable" events in the future, and they will be configurable in this way.

Note Also: The Trigger Events have been moved. Instead of appearing as a list under the Automatic Scheduled Emails box, the triggers are now associated with each Email Template. Click an Email Template, and scroll down to see the Trigger check-boxes. As always, ask us for help if you need it.

2 Responses:

Michelle, February 27, 2014:

Fantastic work John & team. Noticed the Bond Refund last visit to the site. Love it!
I will have another look at your new additions. Thank you so much for your work.
John Amato, February 27, 2014:

Thank you Michelle, we're glad our efforts are helping!


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