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1) At least one more self-definable & editable "Fee" would be nice. Currently there is simply the preset "booking" fee. The ability to add a "resort fee" or other custom field would be helpful. I am already being charged at least one of these and have to manually do my reports each month.

2) As insane as this sounds, I possibly need a 4th Tax field. State of Georgia just added yet another tax - a "Hotel Tax". It is also NOT a percentage - but is a $5 PER NIGHT charge. Currently your tax fields only allow percentages, not per day.

3) Changing Tax Rates or changing Taxable Cleaning - BIG PROBLEM in my reports.
State of Georgia also just changed language in the law that eliminates any loopholes regarding Cleaning Fees being taxable. So I am changing all reservations ongoing to taxable cleaning. My problem is that by checking the box, it changes all my reports forwards and backwards to the new format. But it does not change it in the actual reservation (which is good). BUT, if I go into an existing or old reservation and edit it, then it changes to the new tax setting. Is there a way that changing a Tax Setting, OR changing the taxable cleaning setting can be defined per reservation based on the reservation date and the date the change to the tax setting was made.

For example..... If I book someone based on a quoted, contracted payment schedule / formula - and it is in the system, but then the laws change regarding the tax rate and I subsequently have to change my internal settings..... I currently cannot do that without impacting ALL of my bookings, even those made prior to the change. So making the internal settings determinate on reservation date would be a solution.

Another example is specifically to charging tax on cleaning. When I click that "Tax Cleaning" button, and then subsequently run my reports, it globally changes the "Taxable Total" on every single booking I have ever done - even if those specific booking were NOT charging tax on cleaning at the time of booking/reservation.

Any solutions here?

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John Amato, August 3, 2015:

Hi RentJekyll - let me answer by number:

1) You can create as many custom "fees" as you like. Go to your Property Setup ==> Guest Options tab, and create a new Guest Option for the amount, and give it whatever label you like. Check the "Mandatory" box, and this will simply appear as another line item in each new booking/quote.

2) You are correct. When does the new tax go into effect? And is this date for bookings made on or after that date, or is it for bookings which have a check-in on or after (or perhaps overlapping) that date?

3) The best thing I can advise on this is running reports by dates for the bookings which fall under the previous tax rules, then changing the setting and then running the reports for bookings which fall under the new tax laws. Does that make sense?

Regarding going into existing bookings and changing amounts - hopefully this does not happen very often? That seems to be the case with most managers. When it does happen, just be mindful of the tax laws and the dates of the booking, and be sure to manually override the amounts to comply. We've had this happen to a few managers before, and they managed for the relatively short transition.

Let me know your thoughts...

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