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Suddenly under the "Payment Schedule" section, specifically under the "Action" column - there is a new function button with a hover message of "Process this Scheduled Payment". The button inks to a Payment page.

The Payment Page is obviously for Guests to use. I don't see any notes on this, no new "Release" mentioned, no explanations. I want to make sure this isn't something my guests are seeing - one reason being that the payment info listed is incorrect and would cause amazing confusion. I don't know where any of the data is coming from, what the purpose of this is, etc etc.

My GUESS is that this is something you are playing with to enhance the automated emails?

Regardless - current clarification would be appreciated. Also, a commitment that if/when implemented it will not AUTOMATICALLY default to the active position, similar to what happened with the Guest Reviews rollout, would make me feel more at ease.

Also - you might want to consider putting in place a standard pre-notification process if there are going to be visual or functional changes so that it doesn't catch people off guard.

Lastly - a Coding Note. In my specific page it incorrectly lists the Check Payment info as....

>>>>>>Make check payable to: Vacation Rentals, and mail to:
>>>>>>Vacation Rentals
>>>>>>xxxxxxx Ct
>>>>>>xxxxxxxxxxx, GA xxxxx USA
* I x'd out my address.

The POINT is that "Vacation Rentals" is set up as my master "Business Name" so I assume that is where you are pulling that default datafield from. But I do not use my "Business Name" as it is not applicable to the variety of rental businesses I run - 2 of which are not even on bookerville. But some sub properties I have under my account have separate payment setup, going to separate Account Names, and in one case a separate address. Each property can be under a different dba Account name, and so checks would be made out differently for different properties, so pulling from my master "Business Name" in my primary account setting will not work (at least for me). Might want to consider recoding so that it pulls from a data field specific to individual properties. You'd have to set up a new field section though in the Property Settings, probably in lieu of where it says.... "Customers will be instructed to send checks to the name and address specified in your Account Settings." you would simply allow people to define to who/where to send the checks. Also - in my case at least - this would also have to roll over to include the paypal payments also - customized individually to each property. I have at least 2 separate Paypal Accounts for differing properties at present. I've never mentioned this because I don't use your system for anything but basic accounting, schedule & calendar simplification and as a database.

But I might start using email notifications, email contracts etc if I thought the flexibility and consistency was always going to be there.

Anyway - don't know if my more diverse setup is applicable to your average customer base but thought I would point it out since you are obviously working on this.

- david

5 Responses:

RentJekyll, October 3, 2015:

PS... let me give you a better example to help you understand this.

I have beach rentals, a townhome complex with units owned by multiple owners. My dba there is "rentjekyll". My dba for mountain rentals is rentthemountains, although I pulled the 2 rentals in mountains off bookerville. If I were to put them back on, I'd have two different businesses.

But it gets more complicated.... the beach townhouse complex has owners that I collect there checks for directly made out to the Owners (not my business name). I collect my fees at the end of the month via a billing process to my owners, and never actually directly handle their cash, except that I am a manager of the bank accounts / paypal accounts set up for each of their properties.

So payments are linked to properties. And if I re-added my mountain properties that would be dif owners/property + I personally am running under a dif dba name.

Sounds complicated, but to simplify it all - if the payment info was linked per property it would cover all possibilities basically. I don't know if any of your other clients operate under dif dba names for dif property sets - but my guess is that some do, or if you grow you will encounter it eventually other than just me.

And there is sort of a precedent already for this in your own internal settings, where you allow us to subcategorize properties under "Property Type".

And I may be missing something here and you've already got this functionality to have multiple payment instructions in this new pay thing you are working on - but figured the feedback might be of use. If I am missing something let me know.

And again - this is just feedback at present since I currently have no plans to use the automated email or contracts system. But I have considered it a few times, and this would be a deal maker/breaker on that if I ever get to it.

- david
John Amato, October 3, 2015:

Thanks David and our apologies for any confusion this update may have caused. Indeed, guests (anyone not signed-in to Bookerville as you) will not see those new features in the Make Payment page. Those changes are designed only for Bookerville account owners to use to process specific payments, and part of that includes the ability to process payments as "Authorize-Only", or "holds". This is very much BETA right now, and being pilot-tested by a few people.

As for different payment targets for each property: this is supported currently for everything except, as you discovered, checks., PayPal, and bank wire transfers are all assignable per-property. We will look into making a feature for you to override the business name/address/payable field for check-writing for each property.
RentJekyll, October 3, 2015:

Got it! Thanks. No problem.
John Amato, October 3, 2015:

Actually, I think we already have this in place, and I just forgot about it.

Go to your Property Setup page, Email Templates tab, scroll down until you see the buttons for editing the contract, arrival instructions, and other templates. There's a button there for overriding the Check Instructions. Try that, see what it does on the Make Payment page...
RentJekyll, October 3, 2015:

That works.

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