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suggestions welcome! thanks Jana! The site is

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orlandomkvillas, March 5, 2013:

same for me on
orlandomkvillas, March 5, 2013:

sorry just learned how to do this
John Amato, February 4, 2014:

Likewise, we here at Bookerville would sure like to be put in touch with a consultant or company that truly knows how to do this.

Some things to consider:

1) Web-site ranking is very different from web-page ranking. A web-site is usually defined by a domain name (i.e., whereas a web-page is defined by a complete URL (i.e. this page, which is

2) Web-sites are measured by several things, perhaps the most important being "Page Rank" (which is a horrible misnomer), and also Domain Authority. Read up on these to gain an understanding of what they mean - they are important.

3) A web-page's rank must always be considered in the context of a specific keyword. The keyword is whatever people type into a search engine (Bing, Google, Yahoo). The page's rank for a keyword is a number representing what position it appears in the results when that keyword is submitted by people doing searches. A rank of 1 means that the page appears at the very top of the list; this is the best rank a page can attain for the keyword. A rank of 15 means that the page appears in the middle of page 2 of the results for that keyword. A page's rank for one keyword can be extremely different from that same page's rank for another keyword.

4) Considering these, this is why I always smile (and resist rolling my eyes) when people say things like "my site is ranked #1". Number one for what? It's no great feat to attain number one ranking for the keyword that is your actual domain name. Bookerville's number one keyword is in fact "bookerville", meaning people are going into search engines and typing "bookerville", and we come up number one. Is that really helping us? Don't know - certainly it implies that our branding is working to some degree, because they obviously heard the name Bookerville from somewhere. But is it reaching into areas that Bookerville has not already previously become a known brand? Probably not.

So it is important to first identify the keywords that are important to you. What keywords do you think people are typing in to search engines to find businesses like yours? "vacation rentals in Florida" might be one of them, but surely there are others. Start compiling a list of these and figure out how to get one of your pages to rank well for each keyword.

Just wanted to provide some Search Engine Optimization ("SEO") basics to help further our understanding.

jmw11, February 4, 2014:

Thanks John, So, do you have a list of folks that can help the group? :-)
Margaret J Guccione, April 21, 2014:

You can contact me I own a Internet Marketing Company and the reason I am here is I am building a website for the Hodgens Ryan Mansion. You can check it out here are if you have questions you can email me directly at

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