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Every vacation rental manager knows that knot in the stomach you get when a troublesome previous guest wants to book again.

Introducing our newest feature: Guest Ranking!

One of the trickiest things to manage with your vacation rental is guests. Often times, they are wonderful! Sometimes, however, they are not so great. Maybe you had to retain their security deposit, maybe they were too loud, maybe they didn't pay on-time. Or maybe they were just plain hard to deal with. This can be pretty time-consuming; you may end up spending more time on not-so-great guests and less time on the awesome ones. Doesn't quite seem to make sense does it.

The ability to evaluate guests before doing business with them is powerful. Bookerville's new Guest Ranking feature can give you a leg up!

--- Rank Your Guests: Build a history of details and average rank for future reference. Guest Ranking allows you to record your rank for a guest on a 1 to 10 scale. If and when that guest returns to book with you, you can see your ranking on just how wonderful (or not so wonderful) they treated you or your house during previous stays.

--- See The Average Rank: See the average rank across all of Bookerville - participate in the advantages of prior rankings even before you have your own history. (Don't worry, it's just an average ranking; details from other bookings are not shown to anyone.)

--- Security Deposits: If a security deposit has been retained from a guest, a padlock icon appears to alert you. You can see more details by clicking the rank numbers.

--- Privacy: All specific Guest Rank data is kept private to your account. Only aggregate data is shown to other managers, and none of it is published publicly.

Click here to see more on Guest Ranking: Guest Ranking Feature in Bookerville

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