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Hi all,
On our Features & Pricing page, we have a section called Super Features. I'm working on adding more to this section, and plan to discuss features like Min/Max Stay, Creating Quotes, Customizable Contracts, Custom Email Templates, Multi-Day Discounts.

But I was just wondering - what do you all think are our "super" features - the ones that make Bookerville stand out from the crowd?

Cindy A

2 Responses:

shirtsforme, September 21, 2011:

Bookerville is the most "user friendly" online reservation system I have found.(been througth 3 other systems over the years). The ability to apply rates and min/max stays across ALL or your selection of properties makes changes with just a couple of clicks. This allows us to quickly respond to the market demand for our multiple of properties in a single location. What use to take hours to change can now be done in minutes.
I also like the ability to offer multi night discounts. We market this on our website, and helps increase nightly bookings.
The multi-Property search is also a great feature that other online booking sites to not have. A customer can quickly find the availablity and pricing with just 2 clicks. They also have the capability to view photos of the individual units that are available with just 1 more click.
Finally, the ease of adding reservations to Bookerville that were made over the telephone is trememdous. We can sync up our online availability with all our other methods of making reservaions (phone, email, etc) so that our website is up to date.
Sandra Berube, September 21, 2011:

Bookerville has been great for my site and company. The live availability calendar displays on my site so my customers can check dates without involving me or my time. The rate setting tool is quick and easy with the rates showing on my dashboard calendar if I glide over a rental date saving me the extra step of checking at my site. The same rate displays on my site so there's no room for my error when posting and my site is always up to date. I've come to use the multi property search every day just as John said I would, it's a great feature. I copy and paste the results right into my reply emails to guest, so fast and easy. I've been looking for a program like Bookerville for a long time and so happy to have found it!! I love Bookerville!

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