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Vacation Rental Lead Management ToolIf you're like most vacation rental managers, you're probably listing your properties on multiple listing sites, and maybe also advertising in multiple locations, including your own website. Most of these venues will send you an email when inquiries occur, and these all end up in your mailbox. Especially in your busiest seasons, this can get overwhelming very quickly, and can result in dropped inquiries, accidentally responding more than once, and even double-booking. Not good!

Multiple Sources

It's great having multiple sources for your sales leads, and let's face it: you want a lot of inquiries, so that's a good problem to have. But relying on the dashboard of individual listing sites won't work. For one thing, it will force you to sign in and learn the user interface for each one. And more importantly, each one is only going to show you your inquiries for that one listing site, and it won't show you if the requested dates overlap or conflict with inquiries from other sources.

Consolidated View

What you need is a consolidated view of all your leads. One tool that shows you all your inquiries from multiple sources in a single dashboard that is easy to use, and allows you to manage them by creating bookings (or booking requests), sending quotes, allowing guests to confirm, agree to contracts or terms, and collect pre-payments if required. It should also allow you to mark certain leads as closed and sort them out of your view to simplify your workflow.


And how great would it be if in addition to tracking and managing all your leads, it could optionally integrate with an email auto-responder? Responding immediately to guest leads is crucial to maximizing your conversion rate, as every listing site is constantly reminding you. A refined auto-responder is just the tool to do that for you, and Bookerville's Auto-Responder may just be the best in the industry.

Scale Your Business

With powerful lead-management tools, using a modern, easy-to-use user interface, and integrated with a customizable auto-responder boasting years of experience built into it, this world-class automation will enable you to scale your business to larger numbers of vacation properties, resulting in more revenue for you.

Direct, Online Booking, or Retain Control

Our Auto-Responder also works with your property-by-property decision on whether you want to enable guests to book themselves online, or instead make requests that must be approved by you first. It will change the language depending on your preferences to deliver the optimal message. The auto-responder can also show guests other available properties in your account if the one they're inquiring about is not available for their selected dates.


Even better: Bookerville's lead-management tool and auto-responder - like all the features we offer - can be tried full-tilt, completely cost and obligation-free. You can even configure it to respond only to you so that you can see what it would send to the guests before turning it loose on them.

Get started now: Free Trial.

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tristarland, November 9, 2014:

This is exactly what I need! How do I go about trying this out?

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